Smart Life-Saving Cabiny – Construction

Special mobile-transportable steel structure
– Static-calculation-supported bearing structure with waffle-sandwich walls featuring a special filling
– Pitched trapezoidal-sandwich roof structure featuring a special filling

Special double-floor structure protected against perforation
– Stainless-steel reservoirs for storing drinking water, service water, sewage, fuel oil, waste, etc.
Special fixing elements included in the steel structure
– Either always active or in case of emergency states


Special safety closing terraces
– Active protection of glazed parts – Activated upon system assessment – Protection of human lives, property inside the Smart Life-Saving Cabin


Special structure of safety windows
– Watertight, airtight with a special closing system
Special technical room
– with water filtration, filtration-recuperation unit with external telescopic air suction and control flaps, electric generator, electric batteries, complete Instrumentation and control system

Special room for storage of foodstuffs and liquids as well as special nutrition
–Double-chamber solution – with division into short- and long-term foodstuff consumption
– Set of cooling boxes with different storage temperatures for foodstuffs, liquids and special nutrition


Smart Life-Saving Cabins – Outdoor Equipment

Siemens hydrometeorological station
– Controlling the closing of special safety terraces in case the permissible wind level is exceeded

Siemens outdoor temperature sensors
– Controlling the closing of special safety terraces / blinds for balanced thermal regulation of the building

Siemens outdoor dust sensors
– Controlling the closing of special safety terraces and air flaps as well as internal air filtration in case the permissible dustiness level is exceeded

Siemens Outdoor motion sensors and final states sensors
– Ensuring the safe closing / opening sequence of special safety terraces

Siemens outdoor flooding sensor
– Controlling the closing of special safety terraces in case the permissible water level is exceeded

CCTV camera system
– 360° coverage of the immediate surroundings of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin with remote monitoring and coupling to motion sensors and outdoor lighting


Smart Life-Saving Cabins – Internal equipment closing

Special wall-ceiling-floor panels – Flameproof – Reaction to fire class A1

Safety sliding door with special Life-Saving closing mechanism

Safety Life-Saving furniture
Unique ceiling, wall and floor lighting solution
– with lighting colour that changes according to the current state of the Life-Saving Cabin

Emergency lighting + Guide LED strips in the floor

Floor and wall heating
The special sandwich structure of the walls and partitions enables implementation of built-in (invisible) folding wall beds
Storage rooms for objects in the double-floor area of the Life-Saving Cabin
Central vacuum cleaner


Smart Life-Saving Cabins – In case of emergency / In case of long-term closure

Game centre
– Set of large screen TV and home cinema, game console with extensive accessories, VR, educational/training/sports programs, board games, card games, educational games, fitness machines/tools, library and much more!
Psychological factors
– Projectors displaying images of nature, water, lakes, streams and rivers, oceans, mountains, woods, tropical forests, beaches, deserts – with accompanying background music