1, Why is it called Smart Life-Saving Cabin?!

Smart = a clever, intelligent, elegant solution – We believe all of this is combined in our Smart Life-Saving Cabin – with regard to both its shape and design, as well as the unique safety elements and, last but not least, the SL-SC Siemens Si-Home control and regulation system!

Life-Saving = a solution protecting life and property – from the supporting frame design, the composition of the walls, ceiling, floor, the special design of the windows and doors, safety closing terraces, to its own supply of drinking and service water, air filtration and recovery, own electrical power generator, rechargeable battery and own store of food, drink and special nutrition!

Cabin = a mobile, easily transportable house – however, with great emphasis on above-standard style and living comfort!

2, Why think about getting the Smart Life-Saving Cabin – or why prefer the Smart Life-Saving Cabin to acquiring a normal house?!

For its unmatched combination of living style, design quality, flexibility, mobility as well as revolutionary level of operational safety and independence in case of need!

The combination of revolutionary building procedures, the use of environmentally-friendly materials and modern SL-SC Siemens SiHome household control are self-evident!

As the only one in the world, the Smart Life-Saving Cabin responds to the current situation on our planet and the negative effects of climate change!

A typical Smart Life-Saving Cabin customer is someone who has either lost everything in a natural disaster or another event and will NEVER let it happen again, or s/he is a person sharing fears about the future development and effects of climatic changes!

Therefore, if you are looking for a really safe as well as stylish house for yourself and your family, the Smart Life-Saving Cabin is the right and only choice for you!

3, So, what safety elements does the Smart Life-Saving Cabin offer?!

The safety of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin customer begins with the solid steel frame with reinforcement, supported by static and destruction calculations and a double sandwich wall and ceiling with special infilling and double reinforced floor!

The SL-SC structure designed in this way withstands both extreme climatic effects, gusts of wind, water, snow and hail, as well as earthquake effects!

Another safety element of the SL-SC house is the highly resistant windows and window frames designed to the maximum level of safety and water-tightness!

Despite the above-standard safety solution of the windows and window frames, the Smart Life-Saving Cabin is equipped with unique closing terraces which protect the glazed part against breakthrough; after closing, they complete the compact rigidity of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin!

The basis of the SL-SC closing terrace is the supporting structure with a breakthrough-resistant panel and the external/internal visual-safety layer!

The internal walls, ceiling and floor are made of tough, flameproof slabs with the reaction to fire class A1 – 30-60-90-120 minutes!

The external cladding can also be executed using tough, flameproof, slabs with the reaction to fire class A1 – 120-150-240 minutes – and the external fire resistance is supported by a set of sprinklers!

The Smart Life-Saving Cabin customer’s feeling of physical safety is supplemented by the technical room equipment and the concept of the food and drink store!

The SL-SC technical room has been designed with maximum emphasis on independence and the island operating mode of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin – namely, with its own electrical power generator and battery storage, own reserve of drinking and service water with filtration, air recovery-filtration and dust, temperature, motion and flooding sensors!

4, Do you want to tell me that your Smart Life-Saving Cabin is able to protect me and my family against the effects of natural disasters?!

Yes, this is exactly our mission and aim!

Against earthquake effects, we have developed the special Smart Life-Saving furniture which prevents injury resulting from falling furniture, glasses and dishes! The second special element is the anti-vibration structure that dampens vibrations!

Against the effects of hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tempests and windstorms, we have developed a set of a double sandwich wall and ceiling with special protective infilling and unique closing terraces, designed to put up with enormous loads and impacts! Finally, this includes the system for fixing the Smart Life-Saving Cabin to the prepared foundation locks – resulting in far increased stability! Against the effects of fire and forest fires, we have developed an external fireproof lining with a resistance of 120-240 min – and if the Smart Life-Saving pool is also delivered – our customer has acquired a central external extinguishing system connected to the SL-SC pool!

Against flooding effects, we have developed special, high-resistance, watertight windows, which are further protected by the SL-SC closing terraces with a unique watertight lock and protection against breakthrough by objects drifting on water!

Against the effects of dust and sand storms and increased dust levels in the atmosphere, we have developed special air flaps linked to external dust sensors, combined with the air filtration-recovery unit with an extensible suction duct!

The equipment of the Smart Life-Saving technical room can be used in all of the above-mentioned natural disasters with a maximum level of independence!

Last but not least, the Smart Life-Saving Cabin can be loaded and transported to a new destination beyond reach of danger!

5, What are the available dimensions of your Smart Life-Saving Cabin?!

Height: 3 m / 3.5 m / 4 m
Width: 3 m / 3.5 m / 4 m
Length: 5 m / 10 m / 15 m / 18 m / 20 m

6, Is the Smart Life-Saving Cabin also available in other dimensions?!

Yes, we also offer solutions with special dimensions – By customer wish / By the available dimensions / By the required disposition.

7, How heavy is the Smart Life-Saving Cabin?!

Approximate transport weight: 25-35 tonnes
Approximate use weight: 35-50 tonnes

8, How is transport to the destination solved?

We are specialists in oversized transport – throughout Europe as well as worldwide!
Transport from the manufacturing plant is carefully planned according to the final type, dimensions and weight of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin, and the delivery address!

9, How is unloading – or emergency loading – at the destination solved?

According to the final type, dimensions and weight of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin and conditions at the unloading site, the centre of gravity of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin is accurately determined, the corresponding crane type is chosen for safe and quick unloading, and the unloading as well as emergency loading manual is processed!

10, Do you offer help with unloading / assembly at the destination?

Certainly! The nature of the Smart Life-Saving Cabin requires safe and precise unloading, anchoring, assembly with accessories and precise checking and commissioning! Last but not least, training of personnel as well – all under the supervision of Smart Life-Saving technicians – or contractual partners!